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Zapatos cómodos para azafatas en Zeddea.com

 Comfort for your feet


We want to give your feet maximum comfort; that is the reason why we design and craft our shoes for cabin crews, meeting professionals, event planners and corporate staff according to a series of technical guidelines –that we call ‘Zeddea Pro-Comfort’ – that seek to take care of your feet after those long work hours. 


Ergonomic last for comfortable working shoes at Zeddea.com

The last is the basis of any elegant and comfortable shoe. We design and test all of our lasts to check that their size is the right one to provide comfort  throughout the day while maintaining their stylish fashion and meeting the criteria regarding ergonomics set by cabin crew, meeting professionals and event planners, as well as corporate staff.


Memory foam en zapatos cómodos para trabajar en Zeddea.com

We work with memory-foam footbeds: open cell polyurethane foam that molds to the foot and has great shock-absorption, keeping its properties throughout its lifespan without deforming. Moreover, these footbeds are made out of breathable materials to improve air circulation and moisture control.


Suela antideslizante de zapatos cómodos para trabajar en Zeddea.com

We know how important safety-wise non-slip shoes are for cabin crew, meeting professionals, event planners and corporate staff. That is why Zeddea only employs rubber outsoles with creased footprints: they provide excellent grip and stability, therefore preventing unwanted slips and even possible injuries.



Piel natural de alta calidad de zapatos de trabajo en Zeddea.com

All of our Zeddea shoes are crafted using premium natural leather, which yields more flexibility and molds to the shape of your feet better than other materials. Natural leather regulates the temperature, thus keeping your feet warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Furthermore, leather is porous: this means that it absorbs sweat but lets the foot breath – which will result in less moisture inside of the shoe.  Shoe breathability is key for cabin crew, meeting professionals, event planners and corporate staff because standing up for several hours at a time makes the feet warm up and sweat.



Fabricación española de zapatos para trabajar cómodos en Zeddea.com

We craft our shoes in Spain and only employ skilled labour in order to meet our high quality standards and also stand out in the footwear industry. We believe in manufacturing our products close to the product development because it grants better production and final product quality control: we check every pair of shoes thoroughly. Making our shoes in Spain likewise lets us supervise lead time and give our clients fast and continuous service.