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At Zeddea we are Spanish designers and manufacturers of shoes for professional use, especially cabin crew shoes, hospitality shoes, health care & beauty shoes and corporate staff footwear. Our shoes combine modern and elegant designs with comfort, functionality and quality and offer an extremely competitive value for money.

Service and proximity to our customers 

Not only we offer comfort in our shoes, but also provide comfort to all our clients when assisting them with all the enquiries they may have. At Zeddea we offer an effective and fast service, both in our communications to our customers and deliveries of our shoes.

Commitment to quality, design and attractive prices 

At Zeddea we use Spanish high quality materials for all our shoes, using natural leather, and we manufacture them locally. We have a shoe last special making and design technique so that the shoes are not only comfortable, but also offer an elegant, fresh, and modern touch for hostesses and professionals at a very attractive price. 

Updating and introducing new models 

As part of our philosophy, at Zeddea we listen to the needs of our customers and follow the latest trends in work shoes, updating our catalogue and adding new models every season.


In mid-2010 we decided to undertake the way as manufacturers and designers of shoes for hostesses after realising the market was unattended for its public: the products were either non-specific for hostesses or sector-specific but with not much offer and variations. All what we found were very classic designs using low quality materials.

Our initial vision at Zeddea was to incorporate all those requirements of the sector, giving particular emphasis to the design and quality - we would now be offering sector-specific shoes with a touch of elegance and modernity.

Throughout our history not only hostesses have been interested in the comfort and design of our shoes, also other sectors such as hotel and catering, administrative and many other professions have opted to choose our shoes for daily use at work.

For that reason, Zeddea is continually expanding its segment by creating new shoes tailored according to each profession and its needs. Right from our start we have had a vocation for international export, and our shoes are currently available in more than 10 countries in Europe and the United States.

Get to know our history

  • May 2010: Opened the online store with the first collection of 6 shoes. It involved the pursuit of comfortable and elegant shoe lasts, quality materials and manufacturing. Development work on the website, implementation of logistics, first steps in the digital marketing.
  • November 2011: we open sales in B2B offline channels: stewardess agencies, airlines, corporate uniforms.
  • August 2012: launch of duo pack, offering a very advantageous price of two pairs of shoes and combining a pair of high heels with another flat or low-heeled.
  • May 2014: Opening of the first national retail pharmacy in Palma de Mallorca Airport, Spain. First exports to Portugal and the UK.
  • October 2014: opening of the second national point of sale in the pharmacy at Madrid Airport, Spain, with a showcase dedicated to our products.
  • November 2014: opening of the online store www.flugbegleiterschuhe.de in Germany.
  • April 2015: opening of the third national outlet in GrupoSky, hostess agency in Madrid, Spain.
  • July 2015: Opening of the fourth national point of sale in the shop Uniformes Moyua in Bilbao, Spain. Opening of the online store in English, serving throughout Europe.
  • October 2015: Opening of the fifth national outlet in the pharmacy at Alicante Airport, Spain. Opening of the first international outlet in the pharmacy at Nice Airport, France.
  • May 2016: we evolve and now operate as a global online shop, changing our name from Zapatosdeazafata.com to Zeddea.
  • July 2016: we start distributing of products in the United States, opening a new branch.
  • October 2017 : we launch our new brand Oneflex, expanding our offer to hospitality shoes and health care & beauty shoes.

One of our strengths at Zeddea is that we keep a permanent stock of all our shoes in our facilities - we do not work with external stores.

This allows us to have an advanced, agile and fast logistics, making our products available in 24/48 hours anywhere in the Spanish mainland and the Balearic Islands and in 2-4 days for other countries of the European Union after the reception of the order. For orders in the United States the reception is after 3-4 working days of the purchase.

Distribution areas

At Zeddea we work with both retail sales (B2C) and wholesale (B2B). Our distribution network includes more than 10 countries in Europe, divided between direct sales, distributors and licenses.

Markets with more presence are Spain, Germany, United States, Portugal and the United Kingdom. At Zeddea we are constantly expanding and for that reason we want to engage with strategic and commercial alliances in new markets.