Zeddea, Zapatos de Azafata, Cabin crew shoes

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A modern and stylish design for professions where corporate image is an important pillar for customer service.


The shoes meet the needs of a working shoe: ergonomics (comfort and foot support), breathable leather, sweat absorbent and thermal insulating materials; and anti-slipping soles.


Shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort - essential for professionals who are required to stand for long hours.

We design and manufacture in Spain putting all our efforts to achieve the maximum quality in our shoes. The uppers, lining and footbeds of the shoe are all made of leather and the sole is anti-slipping. All these features along with the ergonomy of the shoe meet the requirements of comfort, durability and elegance the profession requires.

External and internal materials

The uppers, lining and footbeds of all Zeddea’s shoes are made of leather, which helps the shoe fit the foot shape with the use at the same time as facilitating perspiration and thermal protection. The leather, as a shoe material, also avoids excessive sweating in hot environments and isolates in cold environments. The leather with which we manufacture our shoes is national tanning hair-sheep, pigskin and calf, modeled and manufactured in Spain.

The insole is made of a combination of rigid materials that are highly resistant. Thus, these materials provide structural strength at the back of the shoe. The insole also carries a softer, padded part with high density material at the front for the comfort of the feet.

Shoe last

We develop our own shoe lasts at our design studio. After a long process of footwear comfort testing, we define its final shape, always looking for comfort first and elegance second. All the molds that we use at Zeddea for footwear manufacture allow all toes to stay comfortably in the shoe, whether they are to create shoes with rounded, square or pointed tips. Besides, our shoe lasts allow the foot to expand after a long working day.


A good footbed can greatly improve the comfort of a shoe. As we are aware of this, we have created footbeds with padding at the back of the shoe to provide a good distribution of pressure on the foot and prevent the occurrence of overloaded areas. Our footbeds are made of breathable leather to prevent accumulation of moisture inside the shoe.


Utilizamos materiales compuestos de goma para la fabricación de la suela,los cuales ofrecen excelentes propiedades de agarre y resistencia a la abrasión. La suela de todos los modelos lleva un dibujo de huella que favorece las propiedades antideslizantes.


We use two different materials for the manufacture of the sole: cuerolite and rubber, depending on the shoe. However, both materials have excellent grip properties and abrasion resistance. Every shoe has a tread pattern in the sole with anti-slipping properties.


A perfect working shoe should be stable to prevent falls and sprains. Our heels have a wide base, are not too high and are properly aligned and balanced with respect to the heel and shoe insole. This fact is very important for the stability and durability of a shoe. The material with which we produce the heel is a polymer with high strength (ABS), and it holds shock absorption properties. Our heels are either painted with tampon printing process or leather covered, depending on the style.

Design and manufacturing process

At Zeddea we are committed to develop a quality shoe. That’s the main reason why we strive every day and take great care of the manufacture and design of our shoes up to the last detail. The leathers we work with have been chosen carefully and comply with the requirements of strength, flexibility and safety. Besides, the leathers of all our shoes do not contain any chemical substance.

Although the manufacturing process at Zeddea is supported by technological tools, is mainly handmade. The experience and "know-how" of our staff it’s a very important pillar to get an excellent product. To manufacture our shoes an average of 20 different components and 32 different processes are needed.

To start the design of a new shoe, we first design the shoe last. This is an essential point that will determine the fit and comfort of the shoe. This process is performed by a shoe last modeler and a shoe last manufacturer. Subsequently, the heel, uppers, insole and outsole are designed.

To ensure that all our shoes match the level of quality, design and comfort, we proceed to a final quality control. We test the shoe last at a technical level and finally we get feedback from a specific group of users about its comfortability.

Once the shoe has been approved by our development department, we can move into the production phase. In this process we scale the shoe into different sizes, we prepare the patterns and then the shoe is sent to the manufacturing process. At this final stage is where we select the type of leather, we source all the materials, we work on building the shoe - molding, assembling, pressing, finishing and quality check. The end result is a pair of hostess shoes that our customers receive successfully at home, ready to face long working schedules without losing its appeal while providing maximum comfort.