Winning the battle to sexist uniforms

This week has had its peak on day 8th, with the celebration of The International Women’s Day: an important day with a lot of media coverage, framed in the middle of a feminist current that finally seems to be shaking many socio-cultural archetypes and stirring consciences.  We talk about equality between men and women from long ago, but it seemed that from talking so much, those who are in the right places to do the necessary things, had forgotten to act. We are living a few months intensely vindictive following many unpleasant events to comment on this blog, which all of you know from the press, and which have to do with the position of women in modern society, where despite advances, is still unjustifiably discriminated.

We, at Zeddea, would like, from our humble position, to speak here about this issue because of the social relevance that it has and because we would like to comment on it from the perspective that concerns us, as an online professional shoe store.

Our shoes are aimed at professionals of aviation, hospitality, health care and workers uniformed or not, of many other industries. We manufacture and sell work shoes for both men and women and we are pleased to see how in the world of work uniformity, some things related to gender discrimination and sexism are changing when talking of professional roles and uniformities.

After many years in the world of work footwear, we see how there are professions that are democratizing and breaking stereotypes: for example, the cabin crews, until recently a profession exercised exclusively by women, that is, by air hostesses. But also, a profession marked for decades by a series of sexist stereotypes, both in the physical requirements for the aspiring girls, and uniformity standards (tube skirts too tight to move quickly in case of emergency , high heels…). Luckily, we have seen how many airlines have not only entered men in their crews, but have expanded the women dress codes so that air hostesses can use pants instead of skirts and flat shoes or low heels, much more comfortable and useful for their work than traditional stilettos.

At Zeddea we know this and that’s why from the beginning we offer comfortable shoes for men, thinking about male tcp, besides making available to the girls and women who work as flight attendants  a variety of cabin crew shoes with different heel heights, especially the classic flat ballerinas, much appreciated by cabin crews and the ground staff, and the medium height heels, which allow to maintain the elegance of the uniforms without losing comfort.

As a company specializing in comfortable shoes for professional use, including cabin crew shoes, we have observed the evolution in the shoe demand, following that change of trend, which we hope will result in a continued progress towards real gender equality.

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