The right shoes for hospitality professionals

The hospitality industry forms a microcosm composed of a great variety of types of jobs. Think of the staff of a hotel or resort: we have got, on the one hand, the housekeepers, whose main task is to keep  rooms clean and tidy. And then there is the reception staff, the one with whom the guest meets first: the porters, the concierge, the front-desk staff;  then, in the restoration areas, we find the métres, waiters, cooks, bartenders. Each of these positions, starting from the director and going down all the staff, has got its own responsibilities and its own needs in terms of work security. Undoubtedly, in the hospitality sector the staff performs most of their work walking, standing all day and walking with little rests, in an effort to provide guests with the best possible experience. consequently, all of them must wear the proper shoes. Below we briefly explain the peculiarities of each type of work footwear for the hotel industry.

Housekeeping staff

Although the workload of the housekeepers varies from one place to another, we can take Womens Day magazine as a reference, which indicated that many housekeepers have to clean and order approximately 16 rooms each day. The result is a significant number of milles walked daily, with the consequent fatigue of the feet and tension in the legs, arms and lower back. The type of work shoes that housekeepers should use is a very important factor because it could mean the difference between feeling simply fatigued at the end of the day or, on the contrary, being completely exhausted. First, cleaning staff members have to deal with problems in bathrooms, rooms or hallways. To avoid dangerous accidents due to slips and falls, housekeepers need to wear non-slip shoes. A single accident could cause head trauma, sprained ankles or other injuries, so it is important to have the right shoes. Comfort should also be a priority when it comes to work shoes. A padded insole and a flexible outsole can relieve the pressure of standing and walking constantly.

Front-desk staff

On the one hand, porters and concierges must use work shoes that are safe, non-slip, comfortable and of course, that have a professional appearance, as they are part of the image of the hotel in front of the clients.

The staff that works at the reception desk may or may not have a chair, but even if they do, they will have to spend a lot of time standing. And it is difficult to greet each guest with a smile if your feet hurt. It is possible that these team members are not so involved in cleaning the hotel, but they will still have to go through wet floors, so it is a good idea to get a pair of work shoes with non-slip soles. In our online store, Zeddea, we offer a wide variety of professional shoes with anti-slip soles, especially those of our brand Oneflex, which are tested in the laboratory and in real conditions according to the European standard EN-ISO 20347.

Keep in mind that surfaces with low traction and especially wet surfaces can cause dangerous accidents and the non-slip soles we use in Oneflex shoes have passed the tests that certify an excellent level of grip on these types of surfaces.

Catering and cooking staff

Many hotels and resorts are not only excellent places for guests to enjoy by the pool, make fantastic excursions and sleep peacefully, but also provide dining experiences. When it comes to restaurant staff and kitchen staff, there is no doubt about the indispensability of wearing work shoes. The kitchen shoes must be non-slip because there is always the risk of spills of liquids and oils. Sharp utensils, hot surfaces and slippery floors are daily hazards in the kitchen. Cooks, waiters and waitresses, all need footwear that complies with the standards established by the European Union. Areas with low traction can lead to potentially fatal slip and fall hazards. As such, the kitchen staff should be equipped with non-slip shoes with low heels.

Hotels and resorts assume high levels of activity. All people involved in the daily management of them must give priority to their own safety, and an important part of it falls on the work footwear.

For this reason, in Zeddea we try to offer our clients an increasingly wide range of hospitality footwear, with modern and varied designs, which provide style at the same time as comfort.

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