The inevitable elegance of heels

For several months now, we expanded the range of footwear in our on-line store, covering a new range of professions within the hospitality, health care and uniformity industries, launching comfortable footwear styles for waiters and waitresses, shoes for receptionists, footwear for cleaning service employees, health&care shoes, indoor shoes, hairdressing shoes, footwear for beauty salons and clinics, shoes for nurses, etc … They are many and varied professions whose footwear is far from aesthetics and the design of what had been our star product until then: cabin crew shoes.

For those professions and sectors we created shoe models with rubber soles, in wedge or platform, sometimes even flat, but, in short, without heel. They are shoes from our Oneflex brand, always designed with comfort and style, but also taking into account the functionality that is expected of them.

However, we can not avoid a reflection: when we talk about women’s shoes and when we also talk about elegance in dress, nothing can replace comfortable heels. Let’s say that it is a small wink to what is the original Zeddea product, the one which everything started with: the comfortable and elegant shoes for flight attendants, cabin crews, event planners, protocol hostesses and trade fairs hostesses. More or less high heel courts, depending on the design, made of soft and flexible leather, with non-slip sole and memory-foam insock.

That was the embryo and we are pleased to have seen during these years how our cabin crew shoes have also been acquired by professional women from other sectors: hotel receptionists, restaurant managers, lawyers, doctors, shop assistants. All kinds of women who need to fit with elegance and at the same time feel comfortable have trusted Zeddea and our original cabin crew shoes. It is very rewarding.

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