Something is better than nothing

In 2011 we opened the first version of our on-line professional footwear store. It was concretely in May of that year, with our old domain We had not yet created the Zeddea brand, and we only offered cabin crew shoes: our catalog was composed of just four models of high-heeled courts and a ballerina. A small collection of flight attendant shoes and hostess for congresses, protocol, fairs and events. We also did not offer men’s shoes yet.

From those beginnings that now seem so far away, we have been learning a lot about the different professional industries to which we direct our comfort footwear. In all areas of life learning is important, but in the case of work shoes, it is even more so, because of the functional needs that they must cover: comfort in the first place, but many others follow, depending on the type of working professional who will use the shoe in question.

With regard to the profession of flight attendant, one of the first details that we learned is that in most of the airlines the female crew members use two pairs of shoes during the same working day: the cabin shoes and the shoes to welcome to the passage. The flat or low-heeled and the elegant high-heeled.

Immediately we realized that we could offer a significant advantage in the price for our female customers who work as flight attendants and who need to use cabin shoes and dress shoes. The “packs” of our PROMO DUO were born: when they bought a combination of two pairs of flight shoes, we could save on picking, shipping and management expenses, and we decided to pass on those savings in as a discount in the final price of the shoe pack, so that you are the air-hostesses who benefit from it.

We created several combinations of medium and high heels with a ballerina and a cabin shoe with 3.5 cm heel. Then we also added some combinations of those same comfortable heel shoes along with the Deva model, which has a 2.5 cm heel and a very comfortable shoe last which fits really well to all feet.

The result is an attractive offer composed of ten packs of comfortable and elegant cabin crew shoes and airline shoes at a very attractive price.

This month the Promo Duo celebrates 5 years and we hope that it continues to grow and enjoy its good health, because as the title of this post reads, everybody likes a discount.

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