Model Camile arrived

And he came to surprise us all. Or maybe for some of us it was not a surprise?

When we opened the range of professions to offer a comfortable and functional footwear to, introducing in our on-line catalog the Oneflex brand, one of the models that most caught our attention was the Camile: we liked it for that elegance that gives it its simplicity of lines and we loved it when we tried it and discovered that it is a very comfortable shoe. Technically it offers excellent qualities: non-slip and flexible outsole, removable memory-foam insole of 4 m / m, antibacterial and breathable lining; all of them very useful for many professional groups. We immediately thought of the Camile model as an excellent footwear for hospitality adn catering, with a versatile quality that makes it suitable for restaurant staff as well as administrative staff in hotels and many other establishments, as well as ground stewardess shoes. Non-slip, very comfortable, anatomical … little by little, moreover, we realized that its discreet design made it also desirable to girls and women performing office work in general, personnel of the educational sector, even as a street shoe.

We started by putting it on sale in the different pharmacies where we offer our professional footwear and the success was instantaneous. We soon launched a white version for the healthcare sector and for professionals working in beauty saloons, pharmacies and similar. Then, when we were sure of its good performance, we added it to the catalog, where it can be purchased, like the rest of our professional footwear, with total satisfaction guarantee, free shipping, returns and size changes also without cost.

A few days ago, a customer who bought a pair of Camile model in our online store, sent us a thanks message and at the same time that gave us the satisfaction of seeing our effort recognized, we discovered another use of the Camile work shoes. He told us, literally: “Fantastic shoes, thank you very much! I will walk on the clouds while inside the plane.” And it is that they are ideal shoes as a cabin shoe: those that relieve the feet of flight attendants on long trips.

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