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We would like to speak about one of the most important parts of a shoe, that being essential to guarantee comfortability and elegance in the shoe, they are normally kept in the anonymity because you cannot see it by itself. We are referring to the shoe last.

One of the difficulties that ancient artisanal shoe makers had to deal with, was to give to the leather and clothes the shape of a foot. The first difficulty consisted in understanding that every person has a different foot shape: the length, the width and the morphology are different in each human being; the second difficulty was to be aware that a same person does not have exactly the same feet: left foot is different than right foot.

The shoe last is a plastic piece (in the old days was made of wood) that has the ideal shape of a foot and it is obtained by a complex manufacturing process after some technical measures which includes a statistical average of the different feet types. On top of the shoe last the different shoe components are added (sole, heels, inner sole, over cut, etc. ) during the manufacturing process. At the end of it the shoe last is removed and the shoe is finished and ready for its use. At present, the shoe last process is made more technically, but it still has a strong design component, as the shoe last is also giving the line of the shoe, which changes according to the trends and tendencies, and also according to the artistic design of the shoe maker. To make shoe lasts has both a lot of technique and a lot of art. The comfortability of the shoe, the balance and the shoe line with its designs, will depend on the the ability of the shoe last designer.

La horma de tu zapato

In we are aware that the shoe last is the base to achieve a very elegant and comfortable shoe for cabin crews and flight attendants. For this reason we give a big importance to its design working closely with some of the best modeller and verifying the quality with a long check up procedure to state that they are comfortable and that they suit each shoe size.

We are proud of our shoes lasts and we could say that this is the most technical detail that differentiates us from our competitors. We see them as the “soul” of our shoes, it establishes its personality.

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