The medium heel, a classic canon

They are the forgotten shoes in the fashion shows and social events, but the cabin crews and flight attendants have always worn them with pride, knowing that its shape, the curves and the hight of this kind of shoes inspired the first female shoe designs. Yes, maybe the medium heel is the least popular, but it is the classic size that settled the popularity of this important women accessory.

The history of the heels started 6 centuries ago in those 3 to 5 centimeters for a practical use, such as the use of the stirrups to ride a horse, and afterwards would become a purely aesthetic accessory linked exclusively to women.

The history assures that this small piece invention that easily highlighted a human figure was due to king Louis XIV, but it is sure that it was not as comfortable as the ones that cabin crews could wear on their long shifts. This figure, well-known as the Sun’s king, didn’t have the intention of creating a revolutionary change of fashion standards, but to fix his own height problems.

Apart from its use among the monarchy gentlemen, the women from that period already adored that small heel and it soon started to gain centimeters and centimeters as it improved styling. In spite of this, there are lot of theories that assure that the heel was born much before to cover weight needs like Caterina de Médici, who was engaged with the king Henry II of France. The future Scottish queen ordered heels shoes for its wedding day, in order to conceal her low height in front of her guests. From that moment the heel revolution was unstoppable in most of the courts.

El tacón medio, un canon clásico - Zapato de época

El tacón medio, un canon clásico - Zapato de tacón antiguoExquisites, sophisticated, full of brocades and precious stones… without doubting, they have nothing to do with the simplicity of cabin crew shoes nowadays, but they are still as elegant and have similar shapes.

When you look back, it is very funny to see the similarities between the tendencies between the XVIII century and the present flight attendant shoes . In that periode, the duchess Madame de Pompadour, referred her own shoes style as “pompadour heels”, which were medium height and extremely sophisticated. It started the road to the shoes designed including heels and thought to wear at all occasions, even the shoes made for a strong footstep but being comfortable, like our cabin crews needs..

Zapatos de Azafata - Modelo Gante

Even if they have different heights, without any doubt, heels shoes are an essential fashion accessory with long history on its back.

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